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Food Menu

Dizzy Kidz Indoor Adventure Play Arena has a full menu available including sandwiches and hot light snacks through to kids meals for the little ones. All food is freshly prepared and is available during opening hours.

Adults Menu

Sandwiches All garnished with salad and crisps

• Cheese
• Ham
• Tuna Mayonnaise

Panini's garnished with salad

• Cheese
• Cheese & Onion
• Cheese & Tomato
• Cheese & Ham
• Tuna melt

Jacket Potatoes (Garnished with side salad)

• Cheese or beans
• Cheese & beans
• Tuna Mayo
• Chicken Curry (mild)
• Chilli Con Carne

Beef Burger and chips

Cheeseburger and chips

Sausage sandwich

Sausage, Chips & Beans

Lasagne, chips & salad

Chicken curry or chilli, with rice or chips

Bowl of Chips

Cheesy Chips

Bread and Butter

Toast - 2 Slices with butter & Jam

Kidz Menu

Sandwiches 2 Triangles, All served with crisps.

Cheese Spread
Tuna Mayo

Dizzy Hot Meal Deals

All served with fries or smiley faces;

Fish Fingers
Chicken Nuggets
Cheese and tomato pizza

Dizzy Cold Meal Deals

Sandwiches, Packet of crisps & a cake